Welcome to Invitebot’s Terms of Service!

These terms specify the legal relationship between you, the end-user, and the service developer, Nevalicjus. By “I”, “me” or “Nevalicjus” in these terms it is referred to the owner of the provided services, and by “Invitebot”, “the bot” or “the service” it is reffered to the services (Invitebot) provided.


As using Invitebot is only available through Discord, you cannot, by using the bot, break Discord’s Terms of Service or Discord Community Guidelines.

Inviting (adding) of the bot may result in collection of data necessary to run the service. Data collected by the bot is available in the Privacy Policy.


Support for the bot is available on the Nev’s Support Discord Server. You can also contact me by mail nevalicjus@gmail.com, but it is not preferred and you might not receive a response by contacting me that way.


You are free to stop using the service at any time for any reason.

I, subject to applicable law, reserve the right to suspend or terminate your access to the service at my discretion.


I (Nevalicjus) in no event shall be made liable for any claim, damage, or other liability, in any form, at any given time.

No warranty is provided.

By inviting (adding) the bot to your server you agree to these Terms of Service. These Terms of Service or the Privacy Policy may be changed, after which you can opt out of agreeing to them for 24 hours before they take effect.

If you do not agree to the Terms of Service or the Privacy Policy, you cannot use the service. To stop using the service remove the bot from the servers you manage.